Without her knowledge, her daughter registered them for the show.

It’s one of the more memorable auditions from Britain’s Got Talent.

The moving story and incredible skill of mother and daughter singing pair Honey, 14, and Sammy, who was on stage to celebrate her 43rd birthday, moved the judges.

It’s an audition that nobody will soon forget.

I’m always fascinated when mothers and daughters collaborate, Simon Cowell said at the beginning of the pre-audition conversation. Whose concept was it?

“Mine,” replies Honey. Without telling her, I registered.”

Why do you believe it was crucial that you did this with your mother? Simon went on.

The 14-year-old said, “My mom received a diagnosis in the last couple of years.

The finest thing that has occurred to me after a difficult few of years is being here with my mother. I never imagined that singing in the vehicle with my mother would lead to where we are now.

The strong teen is able to conceal her tears.

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