There are numerous things for which we should be grateful.

We use them to drink our morning coffee, enjoy a snack in the afternoon, and change the TV channel.

But more than we may have realized, our hands reveal a lot about who we are in addition to being a helpful instrument for carrying out daily duties.

It’s  interesting to read what this study has found regarding how the length of our fingers can disclose a lot about our personalities.

Which of the following pictures most closely resembles the pattern on your hands? Find out if this type of test is accurate for you by continuing to read!

Hand C
Your consideration and composure are indicated if your index and ring fingers are the same length. People in your immediate vicinity will open up to you about their secrets and confide in you when they need someone to talk to. You are able to listen well and consider your words carefully before speaking.

Hand B
You were undoubtedly born to lead if your index finger is longer than your ring finger. You enjoy having control over situations and finding solutions, and you consistently have a clear head. You have a lot of self-assurance, you like being alone yourself, yet you also appreciate attention from others.

Hand A
You have a lot of fans if your ring finger is longer than your index finger. You exude grace and charm, enjoy conversing with new people, and you have a high sense of self-worth. You’re always up for a challenge and never say no to an exciting new experience.