In New Haven, Connecticut, Elmer Alvarez, an impoverished wanderer, lived on the streets and frequented Church Street. One of these “walks” resulted in a man spotting a piece of paper on the ground. He took it up without thinking anything of it, and to his surprise, it was a check for $10,000!

Elmer acted differently; most others on the earth would have seen it as a blessing.

The check’s owner’s name and last name were visible. Alvarez used his friend’s home to meet a woman he had found online. It was discovered that this person is the proprietor of Outreach Realty Services, a real estate company. Hoskey was reached by Elmer, and a meeting was scheduled.

The man returned the check the following day. To put it politely, Roberta was shocked and deeply moved by the homeless person’s gesture. She told the man about her background and how she, too, had experienced homelessness. But after learning, I was able to launch my own company.

Elmer attended Roberta’s real estate course at no cost. She also presented him with a kind prize. Then, her business gave him free housing and covered the cost of an English course for him.

Alvarez did not even plan on receiving such a gift from fate when he returned the check. But he was certain that he had a great opportunity to transform his life. The man replies, “Angels exist not only in heaven, but also on earth.