We are all aware that young children may perform some pretty bizarre feats out of curiosity. They are only learning about what life has to offer, after all. While child experiences are mostly adorable and safe, occasionally things can turn out differently and go somewhat awry.

Fortunately, no serious harm was done as a result of this toddler’s early lesson. Last Friday, a child by the name of Ansleigh startled his father. Behind her back, she had fashioned herself a new mullet hairdo. “My wife is going to murder me, was my initial thinking. Chad Clark, 42, a resident of Saint Augustine, Florida, declared, “That’s it, I’m dead.”

It was humorous, he acknowledged. I did a really fantastic job the first time I cut my hair, Ansleigh told his father. The weekend of December 4, according to Clark, a father of four, was when he was babysitting at home while his wife, Janie, was away at a conference.

His 3-year-old daughter, Ansleigh, picked up the scissors used to cut the gift paper and crept into his room while the infant was sleeping. Clark recalled, “I poked my head in the door and asked, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ and then I saw her bangs were gone. “

She believed she had done a terrific job, but more hair kept falling out as I ran my hand through her hair.

She aspired to work as a stylist “like Miss Jessica,” a close friend.