Animals have the same capacity for genuine affection as people do. There are times when an animal connection is so strong that it cannot be broken without harming the other animal. Two young kittens who met at the shelter grew up to have such a deep bond. Baby Luna and baby Louis both wound up in the same shelter in Florida, where they stayed side by side for a while and grew close.

When the kittens reached adulthood, they started looking for devoted households. The shelter’s advertisement was soon answered by the pair. When Jack and his fiance viewed the picture of Luna, they knew they had found the kitten they had been looking for. The couple arrived at the shelter a few days later to familiarize themselves with the Moon and finish the proper paperwork.

The shelter staff was pleased for their ward, but they were concerned about Louis’ ability to move on after splitting up with his fiancée. Staff members are not permitted by shelter standards to insist that clients adopt many animals at once. Thankfully, there was no need to split apart the couple. When Jack and his fiancee arrived to meet Luna, they saw that she was dozing off in Louis’ arms.

This heartwarming image erased any worries, and the couple decided they would bring home two cats at once. The couple finished all the paperwork for the moon but brought Louis along for a practice run. This choice was made because young people hadn’t had animals before and weren’t sure they could handle a couple right immediately, but they also didn’t want to split up a lovely duo.

It was obvious from the beginning that Louis would also stay at Jack and his bride’s home. The cats rapidly adjusted to the home and behaved in a very tranquil manner without bothering the new owners. The more time Luna and Louis spent together in the new home, the closer their connection grew.

Jack visited the animal shelter after a week of probation, but he wasn’t there to return the cat; rather, he was there to create the paperwork needed for Louis to share their home with them.

Both cats have won the hearts of the household. They developed into great beauty as they grew older, yet the animals’ genuine affection for one another did not change.