Attending school all by themselves may be very stressful for many children, especially in the early stages when they are not accustomed to that new chapter of their lives. Being separated from the parents can be a terrible experience for any youngster.

Sweet Axel Johnson appeared to be quite excited as he prepared to start school. When his mother Amy took a picture of him, he was grinning broadly as he awaited the arrival of the school bus.

But when it was time for him to board, his expression changed, and he appeared to be about to cry. Evidently, when he had to separate from his mother, tiny Axel wasn’t as tough as he thought he would be.

The bus driver, Isabel Lane, observed Axel’s expression shift from happy to sad, but she was determined to convince him that taking the bus and going to school with a lot more kids his age weren’t dangerous. Isabel put her hand behind Axel as he sat on the bench behind her, and Axel grabbed onto her hand. Amy was able to capture a picture of it, and it was a very nice moment.

Isabel demonstrated that she cared about the children’s pleasure in addition to her role as a driver. She wanted Axel to understand that even though his mother wasn’t at his side, he could rely on her at all times while riding the bus. The anxious boy was reassured by her gesture that everything will be alright.

Amy shared the picture of her son and the bus driver on Facebook because she thought it was so worth sharing. While she did anticipate that it would be adored, she had no clue that it would garner such a large number of compliments.

Even the local police agency posted the image, which received over 2,400 reactions.

The compliments Isabel received were unexpected. “I personally didn’t think it was that big of an issue. She answered, “I suppose this is something I would do.

However, it was significant. The next day, Axel wasn’t as terrified because he knew he had Isabel as a buddy. He was excited to start a new experience and was all smiles.

Thanks in large part to Isabel, Axel now eagerly anticipates each new school day.

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