Purchasing Pepsi products for his refrigerators, a grocery shop owner spotted a new branding on several of the sodas. He quickly removed the items from the shelves after getting a closer look and told his clients he would not be selling them because of the “offensive” statement.

Connecting with consumers might mean the difference between Phillip Stewart making a living and going bankrupt. Every single action the Georgian entrepreneur makes has the potential to result in a gain or a loss, or perhaps a devastating impact if he is not attentive.

Stewart, the proprietor of S&Z Grocery off of Highway 72, observes a wide range of shoppers come through his grocery store. These customers undoubtedly hold a wide range of political and social views, which in most cases would not be a problem for business owners. However, Stewart has made a radical adjustment to the way he does business as a result of his deeply held personal values.

Stewart was restocking his freezers when he discovered a unique feature on a few of the Pepsi bottles. He looked more closely and saw that he could not sell the drinks and maintain his moral principles. He then made a challenging and extremely dangerous business decision.

The NFL emblem on some Pepsi products has led Stewart to officially prohibit them from his supermarket, according to WAFF. Stewart made the announcement on Facebook. The owner of the store in Athens came to the decision that he would no longer carry Pepsi goods because of the company’s decision to partner with a business that encourages its employees to insult the American flag, the National Anthem, and police officers.

Stewart wrote, “This may result in my losing some business, but here goes.” Currently, 20 ounce Pepsi and Diet Pepsi will not be sold in S&Z supermarket. Currently, the NFL logo is produced on these two things. I won’t sell the item till the logo is taken off. As long as athletes are permitted to bow down and disobey the flag and nation that I love, I will not do so in order to make a buck.

Stewart acknowledged that the choice was hazardous for the company, but he eventually came to the conclusion that he personally doesn’t want to support a corporation that has adopted such a position on flag observance. As a result, Stewart declared that he was discontinuing the 20-ounce bottles of Pepsi and Diet Pepsi that sported the logo, including certain Gatorade bottles.

“I don’t want to lend them any kind of support because I think that’s just terrible. Given that the product does bear the logo, I can’t sell it with integrity, Stewart stated. “I pulled them myself; my customers were unaware of what I was doing. I marketed the merchandise I had without the logo and sold it. I also informed the delivery man and my agent that I didn’t want certain items carried into the store since I wouldn’t sell them.

Stewart was pleasantly delighted to see that the majority of his clients agreed with the decision after making it based on his personal values. Nevertheless, those who didn’t voiced a more neutral viewpoint, confessing that they didn’t give a damn.

Aaron Bishop understands Stewart’s perspective, but he is unconcerned by the labels. “Do I care personally? Not at all. I’ll grab a Pepsi and swing my Nike golfing equipment. Although that will infuriate some people, Bishop, a former Marine, said, “I’ve got other things to worry about.

Stewart claims that despite his disagreement with the protesters and those who back them, he respects their freedom to express their disapproval. However, he affirms that he also has the freedom to protest their methods, which includes declining to sell anything with the NFL emblem, as reported by WHNT.

“It’s a just cause. There might be other approaches, in my opinion. This has made people aware of it. I’m sure something positive will come out of this, but I disagree with the approach,” Stewart added.

Stewart said that while he believes the protesters’ cause has some merit, it is inappropriate for them to use game time to advance their political views. He promises not to replenish the items until the logo is taken off of them.

“This aids in my nighttime sleep. Stewart said, “I can go to sleep knowing I’m not backing someone who’s doing something I don’t agree with.

Stewart has received a lot of support for both his cause and his company since making his announcement. Although several social media users urged customers to avoid his Georgia store, it doesn’t seem to have had any detrimental effects on him. In actuality, the complete reverse has happened.

Stewart will continue to prohibit the sale of Pepsi goods with the NFL emblem on their labels and will only sell Coke beverages. The vast majority of his customers have so far supported his choice and have kept shopping at his store.