The majority of junior high students generally aren’t thinking about building houses; instead, their minds are presumably on other things.

Luke Thill, a 13-year-old Iowan youngster, is unlike any other typical teen you’ve ever met.

This gifted and successful young man constructed his own home in his parent’s garden.

Luke is now living the American dream in his own cottage, having spent about $1500 on the renovation.

Enter the house to see how it appears inside.

It’s simple to presume that Luke is different from his older buddies. This young child chose to spend his time differently in an age where the majority of teenagers are into iPads, cellphones, gadgets, Xbox, and Playstation. He reveals on his YouTube channel that his desire to construct his own home first emerged during the days of boredom last summer.

Luke had a concept on how to carry out his plan after doing some research on the subject.

The method

It took him a year to gather the necessary funds and building supplies. Luke earned the money by cutting the grass, starting a fundraising campaign online, and performing modest tasks for everyone in his neighborhood.

As an illustration, Luke’s friend the electrician installed the electricity in return for Luke organizing and managing his garage.

The majority of the recycled materials Luke used were strewn around his grandmother’s house and made about 75% of what he used. The entrance door of the house was a gift from his uncle’s acquaintance.

The home is 8.2 square meters in size, has power, but no drainage, therefore there isn’t a bathroom or water supply at the moment.

Luke stated, “I liked the simple design.” And I desired a home free of a hefty mortgage.

In order to raise interest in his tiny house, Luke recorded a few films in which he discusses his idea and posted them online.

As you might expect, Luke’s parents gave him some assistance, both monetarily and with the building of the house.

Greg, however, made sure Luke paid for the majority of the project and built the majority of the house on his own.

Greg stated, “It was a terrific chance for the boy to do more than just play video games.” It served as a lesson in life.

In many ways, the house is every boy’s fantasy—a getaway from the world where he can unwind and chill. There is a microwave, a TV, and an interior loft with a bedroom.

Even a garden and a barbeque are at the back!

Luke works on his coursework in his tiny home, which he occasionally uses as a bed.

When Luke graduates high school and enters college, he already has plans to build a new, larger home. He also hopes to serve as an example for those who wish to pursue their aspirations.

In one of his films, he stated, “I want to teach students that it’s feasible to build a house in this age.

You may see how he feels about his creation by watching the video below:

Luke’s tale is a remarkable illustration of what a young person can do when he or she has a specific objective in mind, a work ethic, and financial backing.

We were awestruck by the young boy’s home, and we would love to have one like it in our backyard!