A well-known repeat sketch on “The Carol Burnett Show” was called “Old Folks.” Harvey Korman, as “Bert,” wears a white wig in this performance, and Carol Burnett, portraying “Molly,” wears a long gown, glasses, and gray hair.

“A full moon brings out the beast in me,” Bert cries angrily. Do you feel scared? Oh course, Molly says, “I have this awful fear of getting chewed to death.”

Bert informs Molly that when he visited the doctor, he expressed to the physician his feeling of being thirty years old. What did he say, Molly queries? He advised me to forget it and return to my wife, Bert responds.

The two share their experiences at a recent wedding of two elder pals. About the older bride, Molly speaks.

Bert points out that the article stated the bride wore white when they were discussing the bride and groom’s clothes. He receives a foul look from Molly, who adds, “They both wore white…hospital gowns!”

Bert says he feels the urge to “get sparking” as Molly prepares to turn in for the night. When the flint is gone, Molly asks, “How are you expected to get sparks!” The crowd howls with laughter as the sketch comes to a dramatic conclusion.

The pair is seen throughout the sketch relaxing in their yard in rocking chairs. Harvey and Carol are incredibly talented since just their humorous delivery generates so much laughter.

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