An Englishman named Mark Williams recently expressed his pride in his 14-year-old son in a post on his Facebook page. The problem is that Bradley, the boy’s name, constructed a house for his younger sister so he could play there as well. And he completed it alone in a week.

We wish to share this amazing and inspiring story with you today.

Bradley devoted all of his free time to playing video games, but his father managed to divert him.

He urged him to realize his sister’s long-held desire for a playhouse or an observation deck because the youngster enjoyed tinkering and building things, and even expressed a desire to attend a construction school.

The outcome was fantastic! Bradley created the strategy and completed all the work by himself.

Ellie Mae, who was seven years old, had her own house in a week. Bradley wanted to construct a summer bar in the backyard for his father because he was so enthused about the job.

The young man started receiving emails from all over the world offering him work after Mark’s statement was posted online.

However, he is taking his time since he wants to attend college first to advance his education.