Miriam anticipated having a large family when she wed Ewan. When she learned she was infertile, he eventually left. She subsequently found out she was pregnant, and then something even more amazing occurred.

“You must stay here! We made a commitment to love one another through good times and bad, Ewan! When Miriam returned home from a supermarket run, Ewan had packed his luggage and was almost out the door.

We decided to get married in order to start a large family. I don’t want to live here if it’s just the two of us because we bought this enormous house. I have to go and find a lady who can because the doctor indicated it would be unlikely for you to become pregnant,” he responded in a harsh tone that ripped through her heart.

IVF is an option, and we can keep trying without it. I could be expected now! We’ve been working quite hard recently. It’s not done yet!

The hormones of pregnancy or the fact that her parents had perished in a similar disaster and left her all by herself in the world could have been to blame. However, these children required a significant other.

“Miriam, begging is useless. I previously made touch with a lawyer. Ewan said, “I’m out,” and walked away. Miriam was unable to move because she felt so numb and heartbroken. She didn’t anticipate this. She believed they could collaborate. They could still foster and adopt even if she couldn’t become pregnant. There were a ton of choices.

But Ewan had already made up his mind to go, so that was it.

Miriam was hardly able to function for the following few weeks. She went to work, but when she got home, she ate every single snack in the cabinets and watched stupid reality TV shows to dull her senses. She quickly began to throw up, though, and assumed that the snacks had upset her stomach.

She utilized one of the remaining pregnancy tests she had at home to establish that she was indeed pregnant after seeing that her cycle was running late. It was accurate, and she believed Ewan may return. She asked herself, “But do I want him back?” and, to her surprise, she found she didn’t.

Given that Miriam had been an orphan and had lived alone for the majority of her life, his pledge to be her family was of utmost importance to her. But Ewan simply abandoned her, as though her only worth was as a motherless child. He didn’t deserve her and wasn’t the husband she had in mind.

When Ewan learned about her pregnancy, he urged her for another opportunity even though she wasn’t planning to inform him about the kid. She refused to budge and informed him that since he was still the father, they should discuss later about co-parenting. But because he was no longer her husband, at least not emotionally, she went forward with the divorce.

Her friends decided to support her during the pregnancy as best they could after numerous attempts to persuade her otherwise proved fruitless. Miriam soon learned she was expecting triplets, which was even more wonderful, and she couldn’t wait to be the greatest mother she could be for her three children.


After the first trimester, her belly swelled enormously, as was to be expected. When it became too unpleasant, which happened around the six-month mark, the doctors advised she may continue working as long as everything was proceeding normally. She spent the majority of her days napping and watching television because she could hardly move.

But one day everything changed. She was making herself a sandwich in the kitchen as the TV in the living room was playing the news at full volume when she noticed a certain story. She stumbled over to the couch and sat down in raptor position.

“In Jacksonville, a six-car crash on the I-95 caused a number of casualties, including the parents of five children who were taken to the nearby hospital and are happily safe but distraught. Authorities say they’ll be placed in foster care soon, and it’s unclear if they’ll be adopted jointly. As the female reporter continued speaking quickly, Miriam felt something change.

The hormones of pregnancy or the fact that her parents had perished in a similar disaster and left her all by herself in the world could have been to blame. However, these children required a significant other. As the news program came to a conclusion, tears began to fall down her face. She had to take action. She thus dialed the local CPS number and enquired about the five children she had read about in the media. They clarified that they would be divided up among several foster homes because they were locals and understood what she was talking about.

“However, I can raise kids on my own. Miriam cried out in desperation, “All five of them.

Miriam agreed as the social worker on the phone informed her, “That’s incredibly unusual, but you would have to undergo the foster parent training course and there would be an assessment of your home.” They continued talking for a while longer.

Would being a foster parent while expecting cause any issues? And… getting a divorce?” she inquired, hoping the woman would take her in.

“Wow, sir. That would be excessive. The lady responded, her tone uncertain, “It might be preferable if you had your baby and delayed fostering anyone.


I realize it’s unusual. It’s crazy, I know that. However, as soon as I saw the news, I realized I needed to take action. I had a sensation. This is how my parents passed away, leaving me by myself. But because those youngsters have one another, they must stay together. Give me a chance, please. Although I don’t have any other family, I have a ton of friends who can attest to my character and serve as a great support network. She pleaded the woman for a chance, saying, “I can do this, and I have a nice job, so this is not about the money.

Yes, ma’am. Can you attend the training for foster parents? So that the children won’t have to be kept apart, I believe we can make an exception, at least temporarily. Finally, the CPS employee replied, “I won’t make any promises, but it might work. Miriam almost cheered into the phone.

“I’m grateful. I greatly appreciate it. I promise not to disappoint the youngsters! She said, placing the phone to her chest in relief before hanging up.


To everyone’s surprise, she was given the five children because she was the only one who had adequate room for everyone. With ages ranging from 10 to 5, they were John, Fiona, Luke, Eric, and Lola. They were all tired of Miriam and grieving over their horrible loss.

Miriam’s first words to them were, “I know that I can never make up for what you lost. All of you are old enough to recall your parents. I will, however, serve as your buddy, guardian, and whatever else you require. Anything you need, you can talk to me about, and I will listen. I’ll be present. That is a pledge. even with the impending infants. It might become frantic, boisterous, and insane. You are secure here though. You are also liked.

The oldest children tried their best to assist Miriam with the younger children and supported her throughout the remainder of the pregnancy. They all loved the three newborns, Aaron, Isaac, and Eric, and they all helped out around the house.

Even though they thought she was insane for essentially becoming a mother of eight in a year, Miriam’s friends were also a huge assistance. But even if she was nuts, everything made sense. It was far from simple, but with perseverance, love, communication, and hard work, they managed to grow into a large family.

Miriam and her family were included on the same news piece she had watched a year after adopting the 5 siblings, and Miriam thanked the reporter for her work in the media since without her, she wouldn’t have known about these children.