Ota Anders began collecting coins with a value of just one cent at the beginning of the 1970s. The man collected all the coins and deposited them in large boxes without missing a day for 45 years. Finally, Ota himself was curious about the amount he was able to save. The man went to the bank and requested that they count every penny he had amassed.

Andres sometimes searched the sidewalk and other such areas for dropped coins after making a purchase at the store. The man described his hobby as a way of expressing gratitude for all the minor blessings he had experienced.

Anders resisted using money. He simply placed them in the first two boxes, starting with the largest. Under the warehouse, the man must have taken the entire basement. Anders finally made the decision to calculate the amount of money he had managed to accumulate.

The man drove all the cans to the bank in a rental automobile. Despite their amazement, the cashiers started the coin-counting machine and began tossing coins into it. It turned out that Anders had gathered more than 500 000 pieces in all, weighing a total of 1270 kg.

Only $5,136 was involved, which is not a large sum. Anders is also pleased about it; he intends to use the money saved up to treat himself to a well-earned vacation:

Yes, Anders will need to look for a new interest now. He has lost interest in obtaining money.

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