The old Italian village’s silhouette oddly resembles a man due to its shape.

A drone was used to take aerial pictures of Centuripe, a small hamlet on the island of Sicily, revealing its five-pointed appearance.

To properly display the city’s contours, the photographer pieced together many shots. The result has the appearance of a man with extended arms.

Four larger parts extending in various directions, such as the limbs, are visible in aerial images, while a fifth, shorter section serves as the “head” of the structure.

Pio resident Andrea Peri, 32, first noticed the city’s humanoid appearance while viewing it on Google Earth.

He started taking images while raising his drone as high as he could above Centuripe because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

A drone was used to take an image of Centuripe, a small town on the island of Sicily, revealing its five-pointed design (pictured)

He said, “It was hard to make.” “Due of the drone’s height restriction, I had to use many shots.”

Many items, including a man, a five-pointed star, a swallow with expanded wings, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, have been compared to the city’s design.

However, several users couldn’t believe their eyes and even accused the photographer of fabricating the photos when Pio shared the pictures on his Instagram page.

Many people didn’t believe it was real and thought I had drawn the strange shape of this metropolis in the program. “The world was in disbelief at the weird shape of this city.

But several of them personally apologized after discovering the truth through a Google Earth search.

“I’m pleased with my outcomes and proud of the images. I am self-taught, and I am very confident in my abilities,” the photographer claimed.

Only 5,000 people call the old city of Centuripe, which is situated on a hill in the Enna region next to Mount Etna, home.

The city’s mayor recently requested photographer Pio to hold an exhibition of his amazing photos after the pictures puzzled and alarmed netizens.

The height restriction of the drone made it challenging to produce, and Pio explained that he had to use many photos.

I spent two hours manually layering roughly 18 shots in post-production, and I’m pleased with the outcome.

The town, which was established in the sixteenth century, is renowned for its charming lanes where animals are transported.

It is separated into transverse segments by winding steps and a valley’s worth of narrow streets that divide terraced multi-story homes.

The renowned Mount Etna may be seen in the distance from the city’s highest point, and views of the surrounding countryside are also available.

Due to its elevation location, Italian General Giuseppe Garibaldi referred it Centuripe as “the balcony of Sicily.”