A kid named Ganatra was born in the Indian family of Rajesh and Hemax twenty years ago. Of all the children born in India, he stood out the most in terms of appearance. The girl actually had bluish-green eyes, red hair, and soft skin.

The girl’s face started to develop some spots at the age of two. The parents took the child to the doctor since they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, but it found out that she had typical freckles.

The Canadian school constantly called India “ugly” and made fun of him for his repulsive appearance. The girl was deeply hurt by her peers’ remarks, and as a result, she eventually started to feel ashamed of them. It’s important to note that the reason such a child was born in Mumbai was a complete mystery to everyone.

The girl spent a lot of time fighting her complexes, but ultimately she was successful. Canada has come to terms with who it is and is now fairly self-assured. It only regrets that it spent so much time feeling self-conscious and listening to what other people thought.

However, Rajesh and Hemaxi are very certain that this is their child, so they simply do not need an analysis. Of course, relatives and familiar families even recommended them to perform a DNA test to establish their kinship.