Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, thus during a wedding photo session, everything should be flawless, and the images should be as unique and spectacular as possible. But occasionally, the desire to take a risk and try something new is a complete disaster.

A couple who desired to have a romantic photoshoot with mountains in the distance near a road experienced exactly what they had hoped would happen. Let’s just say that it turned out unusually, contrary to our expectations.

Photographer Askar Bumaga from Kazakhstan led this photo shoot. They were instructed by the males to pose beside a soiled road with mountains in the distance.

Yes, the concept is intriguing and certainly unique from others. What might possibly fail?

Moreover, the groom did not embrace the bride in his arms.

And the romantic photoshoot degenerated into a mudslide. Yes… It appears that not all of the shooting’s hazards were anticipated.

Thankfully, the young person chose to remain calm and entered the scene.

There won’t be any such photo shoots. Additionally, the couple will never forget her!

Young people should constantly approach challenges with a smile like this, in our opinion.