The daughter of Briana Blankenship is being raised despite receiving a non-verbal autism diagnosis at a young age. She was reassured by the physicians that the infant would never speak. But the mother’s heroic efforts were successful, and the girl eventually spoke for the first time.

Considerably while raising a child with special needs is not easy, living without any prospect of seeing your child makes it even harder. Taylor, Briana’s autistic daughter, will never communicate with anyone, even close ones, according to doctors. Although the mother of the girl acknowledged this truth, her heart urged her to continue fighting.

The girl’s parents made the choice to continue raising the child and provide for her in every manner. Taylor was read to a lot, taken to gymnastics lessons, and conversed with. In an effort to delve into her baby’s mind and elicit a response, Briana surrounded her daughter with love and care.

Her mother also collaborated with her on a unique LAMP program, which is created to educate kids on the fundamental ideas of the world around them and to give them a foundation of primary knowledge, for her daughter’s overall development.

The iPad was used in the classroom. The method’s main component was the employment of symbols in place of spoken communication. For kids with particular needs, these programs have been specially modified. Their laborious work over many years finally yielded the desired results.

As usual, Briana was taking her kid to gymnastics on that joyful day. I made the decision to stop at McDonald’s en route so I could treat Taylor to something tasty. They didn’t often indulge in fast food, but the girl enjoyed going to Mack the most. Then, as Briana waited in line, she unexpectedly heard the world’s most revered word. Taylor addressed her as “mom”.

A modern issue is autism. Doctors are learning more and more that this disorder is an aspect of development, not a sickness. They are currently slowly compiling information on how to adopt kids.