In the history of medicine, there has never been a case like this. It is acknowledged that the little gymnast is a “medical miracle”. Gymnast Aidan Horsley, 14, practiced gymnastics and acrobatics for at least three hours each day. The young athlete, however, had a bad day when, while practicing in the house’s courtyard, he accidentally jumped on a trampoline and severely hurt his neck and spine.

The doctors’ description was uninspiring because such injuries result in permanent incapacity. Initially, according to Aidan’s parents, they were unaware of what had occurred. They believed that the boy’s inability to walk was due to shock. The cervical vertebrae were broken, and the spinal cord was struck by multiple pieces of a broken bone. Aidan went motionless at that exact moment.

Doctors urged on doing an urgent surgery. The young man received a titanium plate and tissue from the rear of his thigh bone. In addition to asking the nurses to comfort his mother so she wouldn’t cry, Aidan asked the physicians whether he could keep up with his gymnastics.

The young man was not allowed to move for 12 hours following the procedure. He was told by the physicians that he wouldn’t be able to sit on the bed for a few days.

After the operation, the young man just needed four days to take his first steps. He had just recently arrived at the hospital and was unable to move, which astounded the doctors. After 13 days, Aidan returned home and could already move on his own. The doctors acknowledged that Aidan’s experience represents a medical miracle and requested authorization to share information on his treatment for scientific research.

The young man walked in an unique collar that maintained the cervical vertebrae throughout the ensuing months. Aidan’s mother removed the trampoline from the yard even though he is now fully healthy and returns to sports.