There are benefits to purchasing a completed house that has already been occupied. It is not only more affordable but there is also a chance to discover surprises left by the former owner in the structure or the surrounding area.

John Reynolds, an American, found a “hello” from a previous tenant at his Texas home.

John made the surprise discovery that the secret was concealed beneath a pile of trash in the garden as a result of heavy rain, and he immediately fell in love with this home!

A man bought a property with the intention of selling it later, but he changed his mind after finding a surprise inside.

Following the death of the previous owner, who had left his house strewn for 20 years, American John Reynolds decided to buy a run-down three-room house and later sell it. The house had been vacant for a year. The house was occupied by stray cats while the owner was gone, and the yard quickly became overrun with weeds.

The man made the decision to take care of the house’s repairs himself before moving on to anything else. John didn’t care that the garden was frequently submerged in water and was perpetually soggy.

After some harsh weather, a neighbor called him one day. John was asked if he had seen how his pool was doing by the man. I don’t know what you mean, I don’t have a swimming pool, John retorted. He then responded, “No, there is.”

It found out that the area had a water reservoir, but it had been cunningly disguised. John recalled seeing the tile’s border in the garden in the past, but he mistook it for the yard or the flowerbeds. After a downpour, the pool refilled with water, making everything transparent.

John reasoned that he couldn’t leave that water tank empty whether he remained in this residence or sold it. The man started maintaining and fixing the man-made reservoir. John anticipated seeing cracks when the walls and floor were exposed while cleaning. However, the pool was in good shape.

The hydraulic structure’s rehabilitation and repair took 11 months and little over 745,000 rubles to complete. However, John estimated that it would cost roughly 12 million rubles to construct a new artificial recreation pond.

The house’s value has increased due to the pool, but John doesn’t want to sell it.

John fell in love with the little artificial lake on his property while remodeling, and now he and his buddies go swimming there every day. The man acknowledges there is nothing more valuable in court.