In the middle of 2021, Ane earned her degree. Adrian, her one and a half year old son, was chosen for the position by Ane because prom dates are customarily chosen by young men.

She claimed that it was Ane’s most important day, and she thought her child ought to share it. In their new outfits, mother and child attended the commencement ceremony together.

She and Adrian were a uniqueness that delighted the world, as Ane had said.

Teachers who had previously passed over Ane in class now claimed they were incredibly happy for her.

“Young ladies go to prom with their little ones companions, but I went there with my most notable gift,” she captioned the photos she posted on TikTok after attending prom with her child.

More than 1.6 million people have seen the post since it went viral online.

Ane claims that when people learn that Adrian is the offspring of a female partner, they automatically assume he is her younger sibling.

Ane successfully aced her exams, and she intends to submit her college application in October.