35-year-old Three of the seven children Misty Lang and her 32-year-old husband Peter are raising are twins. A huge family from Seattle naturally conceived all of its children, including twins, rather than using the in vitro fertilization technique. According to doctors, the likelihood of a single mother giving birth to three sets of twins is 1 in 500,000.

Lexi, 9, and Alex, 7, Calista, 5, Lacey, 5, and two-month-old Lana and Phoenix, who were born at the end of 2017, are being raised by them. When Misty was 35, three different physicians told her, “You have twins.” And each time, she was taken aback and perplexed as to how she managed it.

The mom of many kids also has a twin brother, but she never even dared to think that her propensity for repeated pregnancies would be inherited. It should be noted that Misty has never used IVF treatments, which are renowned for having a high chance of producing twins.

The mother of numerous children recounts, “Every time the ultrasound doctor said that he heard two beating heartbeat, my husband and I glanced at the monitor with amazement.”

Peter eventually married Misty again. When she was carrying her daughter, she divorced her first husband. She derived Lexi, Alex, and Calista, the lone “loner,” from him.

“Peter is the only kid of his parents, which is perhaps why he pushed for a big family so hard. He didn’t want the kids to feel as lonely as he did as a kid, when he sorely lacked brotherly affection and care, ” explains Misty.

After the birth of Lacey and Nash, Misty made the decision to attend medical school. But just before she received her diploma, she got pregnant once more. When the scan revealed two fetuses, the couple’s shock knew no boundaries. The couple had more twins at the end of November 2017.

Because Misty’s entire day is arranged virtually minute by minute, she now has no time to study. Even so, the family has seven kids, the youngest of whom is only three months old.

“I’m hoping that once the kids are a little older, I may return to my job and studies. Furthermore, the older children are already assisting me with the smaller ones. However, I have absolutely no regrets about our large family. What else is contentment? “The mother of many kids shared,” for me, this is it.