Bonnie is a charming rescue dog that has overcome many obstacles in her daily life, but she typically exudes such joy that you would never know it by looking at her.

The responsive mother of these dogs, Victoria, knew Bonnie would eventually challenge to try at her own pace, so she never forced her to do anything she didn’t felt ready for.

Mom adopted Bonnie from the Rescue Center a while back.

The dog was quite unfortunate at first as it took her some time to learn how to recognize the actions needed to reach the first level.

Bonnie had bravely endured a lot by the time she finally arrived at her permanent residence, traveling from a sanctuary in China to England.

He finally has a tranquil existence now, and he enjoys listening to his sibling talk all the time.

Victoria claims that when Wookie first arrived, she was very persistent with her.

Perhaps she realized that she needed some ethical assistance and was able to provide it for him.