I occasionally stop by my local relative’s house for an espresso. I sometimes stop over for espresso because she lives close by. I once again got her a respectable gift as I was approaching. I gave my grandniece a beautifully trimmed orchid on her birthday. My surroundings are aware of my obsession with houseplants. I merely respect them. On that day, I went to my relative’s house and took the most lovely orchid I could find off my windowsill. I gave her the present, wished her well, and left for my house.

When I walked outside to empty the trash cans after two days, I was astounded. My orchid was nestled up against one of the trash cans. Unimaginably, I was outraged! There was an unimaginable annoyance and contempt building inside. What else could it possibly be at any point? She recently threw the result of my efforts in the trash, despite the fact that I had raised it, helped it along, and valued it. I first needed to return the orchid, but it was frozen and had no rhyme or reason. To take care of the family member, I went.

I went to her and questioned her at the door:

Why did you discard it as being useless and throw it in the trash?
The young woman reddened and started to understand the justification.

Uncle Olga, I’m just a kid, that’s all. I’m in need of love and joy on my own. Men won’t remember how to enter my home because of this bloom. They’ll give up pursuing. I also need to be married so that I can feel like a respectable woman.


– My eyes grew bigger. Who told you, Katya, such nonsense?

It’s not a babbling at all! A young lady’s home having an orchid is undoubtedly a bad indication. How could you be unaware? I had a strange feeling, but I kept it to myself.

It is all nonsense! The orchid is a reputable and appealing flower. Additionally, it seamlessly blends into the design of your loft. Just an idea.

But the girl maintained her point of view.

Auntie Olya, no. In emergency rooms, orchids are simply placed on window sills since they drain a man’s energy. Furthermore, it is a bad idea to do so in a home where a male lives. Because of this bloom, he loses his character and manliness.

becomes a collaborator in crime. I’m sorry I threw away your orchid. That wasn’t particularly honorable of me. I should have returned it to you right away.

I bid them goodbye and went back home. I decided to research Katya’s assertions. What do those obscene signs mean that forbid young women from keeping orchids in the house?

It so happens that orchids are actually regarded as “human energy criminals.” Just saying that doesn’t mean it wastes energy. There are several kind of blooms whose dust makes individuals sleepy and exhausted. There isn’t much else to say. In addition, the orchid is a feminine plant, the truth be known. Contrary to expectations, the flower increases the power of the female. Perhaps a lot of people misinterpreted this notice.

Additionally, I believe that if a blossom is grown with care and in the ideal location, it will never require energy. In fact, the opposite is also true—the flower will help its owner become smarter and more feminine. Additionally, honorable men will flock to her like moths to a flame.