Alyona Tskayeva has graduated from school, is now 16 years old, and is attending her high school prom. If not for a special powers official saving her infant son during the 2004 takeover of a school in Beslan, this occasion could not have conceivably happened in her life.

These images of Elbrus Gogichev carrying a child spread quickly over the world and came to represent the disaster.

Even though it has been 16 years, the man hasn’t fully recovered from that terrible incident. But despite everything, he recently paid a visit to the Beslan school since Alyona had invited him to her graduation.

Before the festival, the young woman spoke with Gogichaev, and then the man hurried away. Elbrus preferred to ignore questions from columnists that day, so he could do without answering them.

Not at this exact moment since the disaster has Alyona and Elbrus first met. The man was present at the school line on September 1 quite some time ago.

Because of him, the young lady affectionately refers to him as “Uncle Elbrus” and treats him with the utmost respect and love.

It’s wonderful to know that such daring individuals exist in our world today—true legends!