Try to picture a mother of 8 without the words “Far over 40” written all over her face and the scent of borscht and cutlets. Even though you didn’t succeed, mothers like this do exist.

Alice Welch made the decision one day that she would never allow herself to get bogged down in family matters to the point where she lost who she was as a person. It is instantly apparent from the family photo that this woman does not submit to circumstances; rather, she forces them to conform to her wishes.

The main character holds that opinion. She grew up in a pious household as the daughter of a minister. Alice strives to improve herself daily and gives thanks to God for everything that occurs in her life. She does more than just survive and raise her kids. She claimed that since the Creator instructs us to love one another, love is the only thing that can be deemed meaningful.

In her true opinion, every moment should birth love in her heart, which she can then share with others. This situation in life motivates Alice to perform exceptional actions and simultaneously succeed in business and be a loving mother to eight children.

Obviously, by looking at her, one can question whether or not all of this is real, but every one to two years, a mother of numerous children can be spotted in an amusing setting. When the family’s first kid was born when Alice was 20 years old, she made the decision to continue having children as long as God provided the opportunity.

The way Alice presents herself not only conveys her confidence in her decision but also her happiness in making it. She looks after children and runs a successful business that she only recently started. Popularity for her photographic portraiture contributes to her success as a person.

Her bright eyes conceal the snag with the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. A timetable like this is ideal for Alice, though, as she feels life in herself as she completes each task. The mother-heroine claims that while she sometimes lacks the time to handle every case, she still makes an effort, and this is what matters most.

Every day, Alice Welch completes a task for which many people lack the willpower or stamina. The world’s parents would become better and their children would be happier if they adopted Alice’s teachings as their own.