Penny, who is 77 years old, calls her tiny home, which she calls Silver Girl, home. She enjoys living in a tiny place and sold half of her possessions to make room for the move. Her house has a nice, warm interior because the interior is entirely made of natural pine.

Penny enjoys opening the two huge awning windows in the living room on balmy days. Additionally, Silver Girl features a lot of LED lighting, which contributes to energy efficiency. Penny claims that she pays for her heating system and electricity on a regular basis for around $20.

For Penny, having a full-size sink was one of the most important aspects so she could handle the everyday dishes she uses. To prepare her meals, she also has a number of kitchen gadgets and a typical refrigerator.

Penny has made her tiny house uniquely hers by incorporating many personal touches. Small features that reflect her personality include a bathroom mirror that she made herself and stained glass elements in the windows.

Her bedroom on the first level includes high ceilings, additional storage underneath the bed, and a massive window. While Penny reads and listens to the radio, the pine walls and natural light create a gorgeous design that is ideal for her.

Penny has made her tiny house uniquely hers by incorporating many personal touches. In order to maintain the natural light, she has stained glass pieces placed in the windows and a mirror that she made herself many years ago hanging in the bathroom.

Similar to many tiny houses, Silver Girl includes a loft that Penny uses to store a second mattress and a dog treadmill. She is looking forward to moving into a tiny house without a loft because she is too old and has mobility problems to use the loft. Penny claims she won’t ever go back to living in a typical-sized house, even if she can’t find the ideal tiny house!

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