Being a dwarf is not an excuse to withdraw from society. At least that is what Australians Charlie and Cullen Adams believe. They met via true affection. The couple made a point of identifying themselves to everyone, despite society’s equivocal reaction to their appearance.

They came to the conclusion that their diagnosis were not tragic.
The odd thing about this marriage is that Cullen and Charlie both have hereditary disorders that cause dwarfism. The Adams family is content and pays little heed to the society’s uncertain attitude regarding this subject.

Charlie and Cullen have been fully assimilated into society for a long time and lead highly active lives. Despite having health issues, they had children. The Adams family made the decision not to turn their diagnoses into a tragedy. They created a blog, and today they show the world each day that people of all sizes can lead fulfilling lives. There are currently more than 350 thousand subscribers that follow this odd family.

Charlie frequently gushes about how amazing her hubby is. She recalls how at ease and light she felt in his presence at their initial meeting. She enjoyed his ability to maintain the discussion and his charming courtship.

Charlie and Cullen joined the Adams family formally in May 2015. In the midst of their loved ones, they signed and joyfully commemorated the occasion. The couple started thinking about having kids right away after the wedding.

Cullen and Charlie anticipated that newborns will inherit genetic defects when preparing for the birth of heirs. But keep holding out for the best.

In 2015, the first child was born. Tilby was the name of the girl. Tully, the second daughter, was born two years later. The couple chose to have another child a few years later, and their son Vorgan was born. Despite this, the daughters carried their parents’ genes, and the youngest son was in perfect health.

Charlie works for a significant telecoms organization. She spends a lot of time providing information and supporting others who are dwarf. A woman modestly describes herself as a “motivational speaker” on social media. Charlie receives money from cosmetics and retail businesses for advertising.

The family’s leader also made the decision to avoid thinking about his accomplishments as a loving husband and father to a large family. Cullen started his own company. He also performs in movies. Adams has already been able to appear in well-known movies like “Thor” and “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Every moment of Charlie and Cullen’s existence is spent trying to make them enjoyable. They enjoy unwinding on the beach in full force. Charlie believes that sunny days are the ideal time to be outside.

The Adams family regularly updates their blog with pictures from the vacation. They claim that one might also conclude that Charlie and Cullen’s romance is perpetually lingering.

Charlie has a long history of weightlifting. She thinks that the best comfort during trying times is athletics. She continued to work out in the gym throughout her pregnancy. occasionally did dumbbell exercises at home. Cullen collaborates with his wife and shares her interest wholeheartedly.

The couple’s doctors indicated to them that staying physically active helped them avoid potential health issues. Charlie is currently 29 years old, whereas Cullen is 40. They do not only have a wonderful appearance; they also have good health.

Because they are used to receiving criticism and derision, Charlie and Cullen are not afraid of it. The family is confident that everyone who uses inappropriate language is merely trying to get rid of their bad attitudes. Adams demonstrates how to deal with diagnostics as well as external criticism by setting an excellent example.

Cullen and Charlie are not embarrassed by their appearance. They are content to upload pictures of themselves wearing scanty attire, including only their underpants. The family frequently attends social gatherings.

The Adams family’s main supporter on their life’s journey is their sense of self. They are sure they can get beyond any challenges. Despite the disapproving glances of passersby, Charlie and Cullen go above and beyond to teach their children how to be joyful.

Visible health issues give many people an excuse to isolate themselves and hide from prying eyes. Kal and Charlie