Errica was enjoying a stroll with her adorable dog, Stela, on one of her 240 acres of land in Maine when she unexpectedly noticed that the dog was playing with something that by no means appeared to be a toy.

The woman hurriedly went to look and was shocked to see Stella holding an egg.

After leaving the egg at the hatchery, Errica stayed there for 25 days.

The only time he finally began to incubate was on the morning of his birthday, despite her admirable efforts to handle him generally fairly well.

Stella saw and remained silently by her side as the young turkey tried to break free of the shell.

She needed to help her mother welcome the egg into the world because she was so happy with what she had discovered.

Stela enjoys her turkey friend, with whom she has spent the majority of their time observing from a distance.

There is little doubt that when Stella found that elusive egg, Erica had no idea what would happen, but everyone is incredibly happy with the results.