Everyone who auditions for the “Got Talent” series hopes to receive the coveted “Golden Buzzer.”

They saw it as more than just an early admission pass for the live semifinals. Beyond that, its meaning is deeper.

Being acknowledged by the best talent in the world is an honor. It’s like you stand out sharply from the other candidates for the audition.

One New Yorker recently gave the 15th season of “Britain’s Got Talent” a shot.

What a voice: Lauren gave a heartfelt performance.

She is Loren Allred, a Brooklyn, New York native, and she dazzled not only the audience at the audition but also the rest of the world!

She had prepared the well-known song “Never Enough” for her audition. It comes from “The Greatest Showman,” the fifth-highest-grossing live-action musical movie of all time.

After Amanda Holden excitedly hit her buzzer for the singer, who had previously been involved in a major dispute despite her international popularity, Loren seemed poised for even greater glory.

Judge Simon Cowell invited her to share a personal story before she even began to sing.

She responded, “Well, I suppose some of you guys have actually heard my voice but you don’t know my face,” leaving everyone in a state of shock.

Watch the performance of Allred in the clip below for a spine-tingling experience.