Numerous gifted children have been introduced to us through the well-known program “Voice of Children” and continue to be. And this instance is no different.

At the audition was a young talent named Taisiya Skomorokhova.

The tune for the performance was “Goomba Boomba,” a highly unusual song by a Peruvian singer that means “Oh, what a beauty.”

The girl did it in such a creative way. She exuded so much enthusiasm and energy that the audience in the room found it impossible to be impartial.

And how surprised the talent show judges were! All three of them turned around, much to everyone’s joy. The young celebrity then joined Polina Gagarina in singing a song.

Still, it is best to see this performance in person rather than relying on words to explain it adequately. You can catch the energetic, uplifting energy of this aspiring young vocalist even through the video.

Find the video right here: