People occasionally treat our more humble siblings carelessly and unreliable.

People are becoming more and more a part of informal communities these days, and many enjoy taking pictures with particular representatives of the animal kingdom to show off to friends and supporters.

Do these people, however, ask whether the actual creatures enjoy it?

This incident took place in Bulgaria. The traveler had to take a picture of the beautiful swan. She needed to take a selfie with him so she drew the bird toward the shore.

Every tourist could see how frenzied the bird was, and it experienced true apprehension. A selfie enthusiast had the swan in her hands as he tried to flee, but she gripped it tightly and wouldn’t let him go.

When she finally fired her fatal two or three rounds, she simply let the bird fly. After two or three phases, the swan suddenly lost its composure and plunged to the ground, landing on the sand.

Tragically, human activities have a negative impact on nature, especially animals, and it is unknown if an overly enthusiastic supporter of informal communities may face legal repercussions.

We have complete faith that it will happen in any case.