Many adults are trying to develop a sense of humor as a soft skill. But for kids, you don’t have to put in extra work to make something funny. We laugh at them because they do normal things and say what they really think. Our collection of funny photos from kids clearly shows that.

1․”This old picture of me says a lot about who I am.”

2․”When I was a child, I liked both princess movies and Scream movies.”

3.”The thing kids like best about school is…”

4.”One night when I came home from work, this is how my daughter was. My back hurts just looking at this.”

5.”How my child asks for snacks from across the house.”

6.”A gift from my daughter for Father’s Day. I have to say that I am a very good pillow layer.”

7.”My son thinks he’s a dog…”

8.”This morning, my child wanted to “open” the banana by herself.”

9.”My kids have my old toys, and my daughter wants to play with dolls. Action Man has a good life now.”

10.”What helps a crying kid who wants doughnuts when he wakes up?”

Which photo is your favourite?