After helping save his family from fire, a Georgia boy was made an honorary firefighter.

The Bartow County Fire Department posted on Facebook that 5-year-old Noah Woods saved his little sister and the family dog from a fire that broke out in their home recently.

Fire officials say that the boy was sleeping in the room he shared with his 2-year-old sister when he woke up to smoke and flames.

Authorities say that Noah quickly got out of bed, grabbed his sister, and left the house through an open window, which was the only way out.

Noah bravely went back to his room after his sister left to save his dog, according to CNN.

The child then went next door to ask his uncle for help.  Together, they told the rest of Woods’ family about the fire and helped save them.

The Bartow County Fire Department says that Noah and four other family members were treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation. People say that he saved the other seven members of his family as a whole.

Dwayne Jamison, chief of the Bartow County Fire Department, told CNN, “We’ve seen kids notify their family previously.” But it’s really amazing for a 5-year-old to be awake enough to do this.

David Woods, Noah’s grandfather, wrote on a GoFundMe page that electrical equipment in the kids’ room started the fire.

The family is now trying to gather money to compensate for the loss of their belongings.

“We thank God that everyone is safe. Our house was completely destroyed. Our situation has gotten a little worse because our home insurance ran out recently,” the grandfather wrote on a GoFundMe page. “We want to start over, so we’ll probably stay in a motel for a while and rent a small house while we work to get money and build.”

Jamison said, “Noah’s brave actions saved the family’s lives that day, so we want to honor him today.” Noah’s dad’s cousin is a firefighter at the Bartow County Fire Department, so he has a family connect there.

At the press conference, his cousin said, “This kid right here has such a kind heart.” “I’m proud to be a part of this family and to be able to honor Noah today.”

“I’ve heard that heroes come in different sizes and shapes. This week, he showed me that age is also a factor. “Knowing that a 5-year-old can go out and save his whole family is a wake-up call for me,” he said.

At the press conference, the fire department took the time to honor Noah and talk about their fire education programs in local schools. These programs can teach people how to handle fires the way Noah did.

After the firefighters talked, Noah got his own badge and helmet, which made him a real member of the family.

“When we train firefighters, we often go our whole careers without doing anything as life-saving as what Noah did,” the chief said. “What Noah did is what we hope to be able to do at some point in our careers: intervene in a house fire to save a person’s life.”

Noah’s family has raised $6,965 so far out of their goal of $75,000.