Grayden, who was 10 years old, was walking home when some strangers tried to get him to get into their car. He ran for his front porch, but the door was locked and the car started to move backwards.
A family’s worst nightmare happened right in front of their house.
But because of one boy’s quick thinking and awareness, a tragedy that could have happened was stopped before it happened.

One evening, though, his journey became dangerous.

Three guys who didn’t know each other sat in a white sedan. As Grayden walked back to his house, they watched his every move.

Grayden told FOX 13: “They said, ‘Hi,’ and I started walking faster.” “They told us to get in the back seat because they had candy.”

They tried to convince Grayden to join them.

Grayden moved fast. He could see that the situation was very dangerous. So instead of fighting with them, he ran down the street to get to their house.

The car didn’t slow down and kept going in the direction Grayden was going. He ran quickly to their porch, hoping to finally get away from the terrifying situation.

The car drove by the house, but it stopped not too far away.

In the video, you can see Grayden look and crane his neck to see what the men were up to.

They parked a few feet away from the house, probably to see if anyone would come out to help the kid.

But when Grayden tried to open the door by turning the knob, he found that it was locked.

The back lights of the car lit up.

Grayden ran quickly to the side of the path where rocks were scattered across their well-kept garden. “Mom! Mom!” he yelled. Step aside! Get away!” and then threatened to throw rocks at the car.

Grayden ran to the neighbor’s house as soon as he had the chance. Fortunately, the door was already open. He just walked in and shut the door behind him.

He saw the car pull into the driveway of another neighbor, so he waited there and seemed to watch the boy from a distance.

When the trouble was over, the family was still hurt.

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