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One of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen is when a young girl meets and holds her infant cousin for the first time. She gives the infant a few gentle kisses before starting to cry. This adorable, loving young lady will make a wonderful mother.

This touching scene occurred when a young girl first met her infant cousin and couldn’t control her tears.

The young child was seen in the video sitting on a couch in a living room when it was being filmed in Simi Valley, California.

In preparation for the child seeing her new cousin, who was in the arms of a woman sitting next to her, two cushions were placed in her lap.

The baby, who was a little upset because she was being moved, was then put on her cousin’s lap.

As she hugged the baby, the little girl kissed its head and rubbed their noses together.

But the scene made her feel sad, and tears came out of her eyes as she looked down at the new person.

The baby curled up in her lap and wiggled its fingers as she kissed it on the forehead again.

The little girl was amazed by her new cousin as they yawned, rubbed their eyes, and made a little squeaking noise in her lap.

But the child, who was scared, just smiled at the baby as they went back to sleep.