Since the 1960s, harmonicas have been used in music. Bob Dylan and Guy Forsyth are well-known for how well they can play the free wind instrument. Now, two brothers are bringing the old tool back to life in a new way.

Brody and Alex are teenagers from Topanga, California, and have been playing music since they were five years old. Brother’s Gage is the name of their music group. They’ve been on a lot of local talent shows and think of themselves as “married to their work.”

The two talented guys went on America’s Got Talent to play an original, lively harmonica piece for the judges, who were all famous people. Howie Mandel seemed doubtful about the instrument because he knew that mostly older men played it.

Howie and the other three celebrities didn’t take long to be impressed by Brothers Gage. Their constant energy and obvious musical skills could get anyone up and dancing. Who knew that the judges would get up and dance when the harmonica was played?