Kelly Clarkson has said that she taught her kids what is right and wrong. In an interview, the mother of two said that she will hit her kids if they don’t behave.

She says that this is a common thing to do in her home state of Louisiana, where she lives.

He was born in Fort Worth, Texas. River Rose is 5 years old and Remy is 3. She also has two stepchildren from her first marriage to Brandon Blackstock. When asked how she disciplined her kids, she said, “I’m not above a spanking,” which some people don’t like. And she doesn’t mean a hard beating, just a tap on the behind.

She then says that she acts the way she does because her parents beat her and she did well in life, so she is happy with herself. She went on to say that she is always warned before she does anything.

The Voice coach continued by saying that she is from the South, where spanking is common.

She does say, though, that it can be hard to do in public because people who disagree are quick to judge.

People have talked for a long time about whether or not spanking is a good way to punish. Some people say it’s safe, while others say it’s risky.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not agree with spanking or any other kind of “corporal punishment” as a way to teach kids a lesson.