After a Christian farmer pitched his product on the show “Shark Tank,” the investors told him he had to give up his morals or leave with nothing. When the poor farmer turned down their request with tears in his eyes, he was soon given the best deal of his life.
Johnny Georges grew up in the horticulture business, so he knew that most farmers waste millions of gallons of water every year when they water their crops. Seeing how badly things needed to change, he set out to make something that would change the way farmers ran their businesses.

Georges made the Tree T-Pee, which is a plastic cloak that protects trees from freezing temperatures and keeps water in for the trees. With his idea, farmers would be able to keep more of their crops alive and would only need 800 gallons of water per tree per year instead of 25,000 gallons. This would save a lot of money and resources.

After he pitched his idea to a group of investors on the TV show “Shark Tank,” the investors were impressed by his design and what it could do. They did agree to invest with him, but only if they met one condition. Even though it costs Georges $2.95 to make one Tree T-Pee, the judges wanted him to raise the price from $4.95 to $12 per unit so that they could make a lot of money.

When Georges heard this, he told her why his product is so cheap. He knows how hard it is for farmers to make a living, so he won’t take advantage of his fellow blue-collar workers.

Georges told him, “You are selling to farmers.” “A Tree T-Pee should be put on every tree that is planted.”

When the judges saw that Johnny Georges wasn’t going to change his mind, they all decided not to work with him. Just as he was about to give up, panelist John Paul DeJoria spoke up and gave the poor farmer the best deal of his life.

“Farmers are what hold America together. DeJoria said, “There may be a lot of farmers out there who can’t pay $12 per tree, but they might be able to pay $6 or $7.” “I’ll give you everything you want, including your $150,000 in exchange for 20%. What you’re doing is right, and you deserve a chance to make it big and do a lot of good. I’d like to be Johnny’s partner.”

Georges accepted the unexpected offer right away, and they shook hands to seal the deal. The farmer’s cleverness became clear when it became clear why he was so smart.

When another judge told Johnny Georges to tell his father how proud he was of him for being such a hard worker, he started to cry. Georges said that his father had died 12 years earlier and that his success today was thanks to what his father had taught him.

He said through tears, “He made me who I am.” “Every day we worked hard. Twenty years ago, I worked for that man. I’m so glad God let me work with that man. He has new ideas. I learned everything I know from him.”

Georges got the best deal of his life from that sales pitch. He has the money of a billionaire, the money to move forward in his career, and his morals are still in tact.

The business of Johnny Georges has done very well. He has helped farmers all over the United States get their trees to grow faster, be stronger, and waste less water and food.

Georges has changed the horticulture industry with the way he works. But it was all because of his strong moral beliefs that many farmers can now use the Tree T-Pee, even though they wouldn’t have been able to at the price the investors wanted.