To play the piano at a high level is hard. Before the average person can think of themselves as a good pianist, they have to practice for years. And that’s when you have to use your hands. Just imagine how much harder it would be to play the piano if you had to use your legs.

Recently, Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks took on this job. They made the job look easy. Tom Hanks was in the movie “Big,” which came out in 1988. In one scene of the movie, Hanks, who was then much younger, jumped up on a huge piano and played it with his feet while doing a great version of chopsticks. Fans of Hanks can still remember the scene from one of his movies from thirty years ago.

Hanks is often asked about the moment from “Big” in interviews today. The subject came up when Hanks went on the Jonathan Ross show in 2013 to promote his most recent movie, “Captain Phillips.”

Ross didn’t just ask about the scene when Hanks said something funny. He asked Hanks if he would play a big piano that was lying on the floor nearby to entertain the crowd. Hanks kindly agreed and read a short part from “Heart And Soul” to the crowd. Ross joined in on the fun and played a few notes from “Chopsticks.”

Ross moved away, giving Hanks a chance to wow the crowd again on his own. The fast song he played was liked by the crowd. But everyone was excited to see Hanks sing “Chopsticks” and act out the incredible scene from “Big.”

Hanks needed a partner to be able to give the audience what they wanted. Sandra Bullock, who was also a guest on the show, agreed to sing with Hanks, which was a big surprise. Bullock and Hanks are friends and have worked on movies before. Bullock was happy to help Hanks, but she was standing there in spiked high heels. Hanks didn’t think it was possible for her to play the piano in those shoes.

Hanks is worried that she won’t be able to play “Chopsticks” in the video if she is wearing heels. Bullock tells him that she can do it. Even though it would be hard for most people to walk in those high heels, Bullock surprised everyone by playing the piano with them. The two put on an amazing show that the audience loved very much. Many commenters liked that two of their favorite actors worked together to recreate the famous movie scene.

Bullock and Hanks didn’t seem to have any trouble playing the piano with their feet. You can see their amazing performance on the Jonathan Ross show by clicking the link below. You will be just as amazed as those who saw the concert in person.

Watch the funny video: