Kevin Ford has worked at a Burger King in an airport for 27 years. He raised his two daughters on his own. He decided to take the job because it would give him regular income and make sure that his family had health insurance.

Kevin is an excellent worker. He always worked hard and never missed a day. He remarried and had two more daughters after that. Seryna, one of his daughters, says that her dad keeps working at Burger King because he gets “amazing” health insurance.

Now, all of his kids are grown up, and he also has grandchildren. At 54, he’s getting close to retirement age. But where he works in Las Vegas doesn’t pay him what he deserves after working hard for 27 years.

They gave him a small gift bag with candy, a Starbucks cup, pens, a lanyard, and a movie ticket. The managers also brought him a piece of cake to show how much they appreciated how hard he worked.

Even though everyone would agree that that’s not enough pay for almost 30 years of work, that’s what the company offered. But a video of him accepting the bag of goodies with gratitude moved people all over social media. He said that he was happy with the gift that his coworkers and the company where he worked gave him as a thank-you.

But that’s not true for those who didn’t like what they thought was an insufficient “thank you” for 27 years of hard work.

Seryna, his daughter, was one of those who felt sad for his dad…

She decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to honor him in the right way. She wanted to find out if anyone out there would like to send him some love. She didn’t expect much, though, because she set the goal at $200.

Seryna wrote on the page, “My dad keeps working there because he is getting close to retirement age, even though he looks young, and leaving would cost him his retirement. We’re not asking for money, and he’s not expecting it, but if anyone wants to bless him, he’d love to see his grandchildren.”

And on July 5, she was shocked to see that $358,470 had already been given.

It was way more than Kevin’s family could have ever hoped for or dreamed of. In fact, actor David Spade gave $5,000 to help with the cause.

Seryna put up a status update to thank everyone who prayed for her dad. She wrote, “You all broke the original goal, so I made it higher! Thank you! Thank you! “Thank you a lot.”

Kevin Ford has been blown away by how much support he has gotten from people he doesn’t know. “I’ve been crying for about two days now,” Kevin told “Today.” It’s just so amazing. He also says, “When I go to work, I just try to have fun, laugh, and make other people’s days better. I feel like I’ve been dreaming for nearly two days.

It’s just so cool and beautiful. Really, it is. You’ve felt unappreciated for all those years, but you wake up every day just like everyone else. You do your job, and for someone to thank you in this way is just too much.

When he told her what her daughter had done for him, he said, “You know, I can’t repay her. Because of her, my other daughters, and now my grandchildren, I do everything I do. I really can’t say how much I love my family in words.”

Kevin Ford plans to pay off some of his bills with the money and also use some of it to go see his kids and grandkids.