Stephen Gogolev, a 13-year-old Canadian boy, was a skating prodigy who had shocked the skating world. When the boy was about to turn 13, his coach decided that he would move up from the junior team to the senior team. It was an easy choice for his coach, Brian Orser, to make because he was an ace.

Gogolev was ready to face the challenge. After his last few competitions, he was able to move up to the “senior” category. At the Canadian National Championships a few years ago, the boy danced for the province of Ontario and wowed the crowd with his great moves.

When the young boy did his act for the first time in the senior category, everyone was in awe. He did difficult ice skating moves like the quad jump and the triple axles well. The audience at the indoor stadium was mesmerized by the wonderful show.

His changes between moves were smooth, and his spins were out of this world. Most of the skaters who used to do figure skating were amazed by this young man’s skills. During his first half, he free-danced to “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid. After that, he danced to “Lonely Together” by Avicii.

Everyone at the championship was surprised by how talented the young skater was. It was clear that he was the future of figure skating. Gogolev was good at skating, and many of his fans thought he would win a gold medal soon when he could compete in the Olympics.

He did jumps that were just the right height for his age. It looked like dancing was part of his training, because he moved quickly and gracefully. The crowd loved what the young athlete did so much that they cheered for him as he danced.

At the championships, Gogolev got third place in the senior men’s Short Program with a score of 72.61. He did a great job to the French singer Yohann Lemoine’s song “Run Boy Run,” which went by the stage name Woodkid.

This was just the start of a long and successful career for this figure skater-to-be.