Audrey Soape is only 11 years old, but she has already been through a lot in her life. Audrey was going to have to go to the father-daughter dance at her church by herself after her father and grandfather died in 2021. But Holly, her mother, would not let that happen. She chose to help…

Holly had the great idea of getting in touch with Philadelphia Eagles safety Anthony Harris. It was a hopeful attempt, but she felt she had to do it to make Audrey’s daddy-daughter dance more fun. Holly hoped that Harris would be free so that he could go to the dance with Audrey.

Because Audrey is such a big fan of the famous football player, her mother thought that if Harris agreed to her request, it would give Audrey the dream night she’s always wanted.

She said, “It seems unlikely…

it’s a big ask. I just asked him if he could come if he wanted to. “He said, “I’ll come, and I’ll make sure she feels like a princess.”

Audrey felt a lot of different things when she found out what her mother did and that her favorite football player agreed. “I found out about it about a week before the dance,” she said. I was very nervous at first. I was worried all week that I wouldn’t be able to dance well enough.

But Harris made the 11-year-old fan feel like he was the only one there. He didn’t just fly in for the dance; he also paid for Audrey’s dress, shoes, hair, and makeup!

Holly said, “He sent a car with a driver to pick her up from her house. He really wanted her to have the best time possible.

He also took the time to meet her brother Jackson, which was the cherry on top. He said, “He didn’t just come over to go to the “Daddy-Daughter Dance” with Audrey. He also came over to see me, which made me feel really happy and special.”

Audrey told a local CBS station that the event was really like a dream come true for her. She said, “I was both very scared and very excited. I was nervous, but I tried to get ready for it all week because I knew it would be fun. I had nothing to say.”

And, of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without photos and videos of this important event. A professional photographer took pictures of everything that happened that special night.

Audrey said, “I was very happy, and I also felt very special because things like this don’t happen to many people, especially to me.”

Holly continued, “When we see our kids hurting, we’d all do anything for them. “Knowing that there are people out there who will also be there for your kids and for you is really encouraging for me, and it has turned this terrible tragedy into a sort of triumphant moment.”

Holly also said that she called Harris’ foundation six weeks before the father-daughter dance, hoping that something could be done for Audrey. Luckily, Anthony Harris was available and liked the idea. Holly’s efforts paid off.