This mother taught her son a lesson six years ago when he said he didn’t need her help anymore because he was “independent.” Even after all this time, a lot of parents can still understand what this mother did.

Heidi Johnson was a single mom who knew she had to do a lot to teach her child to respect and obey her. Aaron had just turned 13. He had gotten to the point where he was too hard to handle. The teen thought that because he was an “adult,” he no longer had to follow his mother’s rules.

If she asked him to do his chores or homework, he would say no. Most of his time was spent with his gadgets.

And Aaron was a small YouTuber at the time. And he is already making money from his uploads. He thought that because of this, he was now financially independent and didn’t have to work any harder at home or in school.

To put it mildly, his mom did not like it. Because of this, Heidi lost her mind. She thought he needed to learn what “tough love” means, and she was ready to show him, just like any other mother would do with a misbehaving teen.

Heidi wrote him a letter while he was at school.

She wrote, “Since you seem to have forgotten that you’re only 13, that I’m your parent, and that you won’t be controlled, I guess you’ll need to learn how to be independent.”

She went on to say that now that he feels like he can take care of himself financially, he can pay her back for everything she did for him for free. Everything, from electricity to clothes, will be on him. She made a long list of things he needed to pay for, like rent and utilities. She also gave him some things to do after he said he was “independent.”

She also said, “We can change the deal if you decide you’d rather be my child again than a roommate.”

After posting a picture of the note on Facebook, she put it on the door of her son’s room. Since she doesn’t have many online friends, she thought that only a few people would be able to read the post. That didn’t happen though…

The next day, she was surprised to see that her number of Facebook requests had gone up by 100. She heard that her letter has been read by a lot of people. Also, when her son found the note, he was very angry.

Heidi said, “He crumpled up the letter, threw it on the floor, and stormed out of the apartment.”

At first, he didn’t think his mother would really do what she said she would in the letter. But after about an hour, he seemed to realize that she wasn’t kidding.

He took the TV and other things out of the bedroom so that he could get back what he thought was his. Then, when he realized he was wrong, he said he was sorry.

Even though it’s been six years, Heidi’s advice to her son is still just as good as it was back then. People are still commenting on and sharing the link to her post on social media.