Reports say that an 8-month-old boy who had been lost for a day was found alive and well in a field in Louisiana.

The baby, whose name is Niguel Jackson, was found and saved before he could get hurt. On March 15, his mother went to a fire station to get medical help.

When first responders took the mother to the hospital, she told them that her baby was alone. The woman’s family told the police that she had taken her baby with her when she went to the fire station to get medical help.

Once Nigel’s mother had been cared for, she was taken to the area where police were looking for her baby so she could help find him.

Curt Monte of the Baton Rouge Fire Department said, “We were able to get the mother to the scene. The city police took the mother, and the mother showed them a spot on Plank Road near a church.”

Some hours later, after people on the ground and in the air worked together to look for Niguel, he was found “alive and well” in a field near Plank Road in Baton Rouge. Investigators were worried that he would get cold if he wasn’t found by nightfall.

Mike Chustz, a spokesman for EMS, told The Advocate, “The timing didn’t give us much hope, but the baby was tough.”

The Baton Rouge Fire Department’s spokesperson, Lieutenant Don Coppola, confirmed that Niguel’s mother would not be charged. Reports say that the event was directly related to the health problem she had been treated for.

“The medics jumped on him right away and started treating him, and I think he’s going to be fine,” added Chustz.

“You know, it’s still in a dangerous area, but I still think it’s basically a miracle to see him in such bad shape. I had no idea that would happen.

Well, I’m glad that this story had a happy ending and that Niguel was found safe and unharmed, even though the events were very strange.

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