Coolio died on September 28, 2022. For people who liked his music, this was the end of an era. And since the rapper was only 59 years old, everyone can agree on one thing: he died way too soon.

People are very interested in how Coolio died. People all want to know the same thing: how did Coolio die?

We know the answers you’re looking for, but the details might break your heart. How did Coolio die, and how did his death affect his famous friends and fans around the world? Read more to find out.

Coolio’s body was found in the bathroom of a friend’s house in Los Angeles. TMZ says that Coolio was visiting a friend who was going to help him either get a new passport or renew the one he already had. At one point, the rapper went to the bathroom of his friend and stayed there for a very long time. When the friend went to check on him, he saw Coolio lying on the floor and called for help.

When the paramedics got there, they tried for 45 minutes to bring Coolio back to life before they said he was dead. Entertainment Tonight said that paramedics think the rapper died of a heart attack, but this has not been confirmed. There were no drugs or drug tools near Coolio in the bathroom.

Coolio died at a young age of 59. It’s sadder that he died so soon because he had big plans for his music.