When his mom goes into labor at home, a brave 10-year-old boy gives birth to his own baby brother. Jayden was a hero when his mom needed help delivering their breech baby. Not only did he help, but he also saved their lives.

Not many kids can say that they helped their own brother come into the world. Well, after doing that, one boy from Louisiana has quite a story to tell. The 10-year-old saved the lives of his mother and younger brother by thinking quickly and staying calm.

Jaden Fontenot is a hero who doesn’t wear a cape or a costume. A mask isn’t always needed to show courage.

Ashley Moreau, Jayden’s mom, woke up to go to the bathroom on a Friday morning when she was 34 weeks pregnant. She had to go to the bathroom quickly, and as she did, her water broke. Her baby’s legs were dangling.

Ashley’s fiance had already gone to work, which was too bad.

Her children were the only ones at home. Her daughter is 11 months old, and her son is 10 years old. Ashley said to KPRC 2 :

“The most terrifying thing I’ve ever been through.”

She called Jaden, who ran into the bathroom to find his mom needing help with his unborn brother’s feet. Ashley says that her baby didn’t seem to be breathing. The feet were actually purple. Jaden ran to his grandmother’s house, and they called the police.

Most people would have panicked or freaked out, but Jaden did what came naturally to him.
When Jaden got home, his mother was on the floor getting ready to give birth. Ashley says that he took a deep breath and told her to tell him what to do, and he would do it. What a jerk!

Jaden wasn’t scared in the least.

He was very brave and calm. Ashley told him that his brother couldn’t breathe and they had to get him out as soon as possible. Jayden didn’t want his brother and mother to die.

As Ashley pushed with all the strength she had left, he helped by gently pulling on his brother’s leg. They kept doing it until the baby was born. His brother wasn’t taking in any air.

Jayden ran to the kitchen to get a nasal aspirator to help clear the baby’s airways.

When EMS finally got there, they helped the mother and child get to the hospital. Doctors said that Jayden’s younger brother would have died from lack of oxygen and his mother would have died from bleeding during childbirth if he hadn’t done what he did.

Ashley and her baby were already at the hospital when Ashley’s fiance, Kelsey Richard, heard the news. He said to KPRC 2:

“This isn’t something you hear about.” It’s amazing how brave he is and how calm and collected he was in every situation. He is a hero because he saved their lives.”

It’s so impressive that even the people watching couldn’t believe it.

“Angels are all different sizes and shapes, and that young man is an angel.”

Not everyone, not even all grown-ups, would act as bravely as this young man did. He went with his gut and used his head instead of freaking out to make sure his mom and little brother would both be okay. And at the age of ten!

He is a hero for sure.

Jaden was very brave and calm when he had to deal with a situation so dangerous that two lives were at stake. This could be the beginning of a very successful career in medicine. Or a caped crusader.

Jayden will one day tell his little brother an amazing story that will make him look up to him forever. I mean, he helped deliver it after all.