Rebecca Patterson is a busy mother who lives in Pearland, Texas. She has two kids, one who is 2 and the other who is 2 months old. She once went shopping with her two kids, and they both yelled at the same time, which made her feel embarrassed. Parents who work hard and are usually busy will find Rebecca’s story easy to relate to.

Keeping up with very young children under five years old doesn’t seem to be easy. It can be hard and stressful to meet each child’s needs and give him or her the attention they need at the moment without taking into account your own mood or feelings. Their behavior and moods are often hard to predict, which makes it hard for their parents to make plans.

Because of their kids, most parents with young children don’t always have a very fixed and predictable schedule.

Rebecca went to a superstore one day and thought that taking her two kids with her wouldn’t be a problem because she didn’t need to buy very much. Even though she was a little bit worried that day, she decided to go to Target anyway. On that fateful day, she didn’t know that taking her little kids to the superstore would be hard.

She ended up feeling more stressed, and she should have just stayed home with the kids that day instead of going to the store.

She didn’t want to waste any time in the store, so she went right to where she needed to go and grabbed the things she needed quickly. She went shopping almost right away, even though her two kids began to cry at the same time. You’ll know how that feels if you have a young child at home. Rebecca felt bad about herself. No one could help her take care of the kids.

Everyone else in the store didn’t seem to notice her or her noisy children. No one cared about her or helped her calm down her kids. She felt bad about herself.

She had to quickly take back the things she had picked out to buy and calm down her kids. Even though she tried to calm the kids down and cuddle them so they would stop crying, they still didn’t stop. She tried hard to make the kids feel better, but nothing worked.

Then, she realized that it wasn’t a good idea to take the kids shopping with her, even though she only needed a few things and wanted to get out of the store as quickly as possible to avoid the kids’ sudden outbursts and because she was stressed out that day.

She was walking out of the store when she heard a strange voice ask if she needed help. She didn’t know if she should jump at the offer and say yes right away, but she also didn’t want to turn down the help, so she didn’t know what to do.

She stood there with feelings that made it clear she needed help, but she didn’t want to say it right away because the person was a stranger.

Well, this stranger also came to the store to buy things, but he had seen how hard it was for her to calm down her two crying children. The helper picked up the 2-year-old and made him feel better. Rebecca was shocked by what she saw, so she took a picture of the woman carrying her child and posted it online. She calls the person who helps her a “angel.”

’ Tiffany Guillory is the name of the helper. The picture Rebecca took went viral, which means that thousands of people have shared it.