It was said that this North Carolina pastor was clinically brain dead. Since there was nothing that could be done, his organs were being taken to donate when, out of the blue, he showed signs of life.

Ryan Marlow was taken to the hospital at the beginning of August because he had Listeria. This is a bacterial illness that is often caused by eating deli meats that haven’t been properly cooked or milk products that haven’t been pasteurized. Maarlow’s brain swelled up because bacteria got into it, and he fell into a coma.

Then, on August 27, doctors who were taking care of Ryan Marlow told his wife, Megan Marlow, some heartbreaking news. Doctors said that Ryan Marlow’s brain was dead and that he is now clinically dead.

State law in North Carolina says that a person is legally dead if they have no brain activity.

Megan Marlow told WXII12, “A nurse told me, ‘Your husband has died.'” These were the words that were used.”

Then, on August 29, a doctor at the hospital called Megan and told her that her husband had brain damage from a blow to the head. He was going to be taken off of life support the very next day. His organs would be taken out to help other people.

She remembered that she asked, “Is he still pretty much brain dead?” and was told, “Yes.”

The next morning, she went to the hospital to say her last goodbyes to her husband before his organs would be taken from him. And when she got there, she was surprised by what she heard.

Her niece, who was also in the hospital at the time, told her that Ryan’s feet moved when he watched videos of his “children singing.”

Megan Marlow didn’t want to have “false hope,” and it could have just been “spinal reflexes.” She said, “I went into the hallway, and the OR team was right there, ready to take him. I told the nurse, ‘I need tests right now to see if he’s brain dead.’ To make a long story short, my friends, he’s not brain dead.'”

Megan Marlow gave an update on her husband in a “Unexpected update” Facebook live video that she posted on August 31. She said that Ryan’s doctor had called her and told her that an expert panel had been called in because of his “rare case.”

The doctors said that they realized they had made a big mistake. Ryan Marlow did not die, and he also did not have “neurological death.”

She also said that a CT scan showed that Ryan was “not brain dead” because blood was still going to his brain. She also said that his heart “jumped up” when she kissed his arm and talked to him. “My husband is still very harsh,” she said.

Megan isn’t giving up, though. She said, “God isn’t finished yet. Even with all of this, I don’t know if my husband will still go to heaven. He might still be with Jesus when all this is over. I don’t know, but I have to trust that God is trying to do something, and whatever it is, I’m just going to trust Him and pray. I can’t do anything else.”

Megan Marlow hasn’t given up hope…