“Beauty and the Beast” is one of Disney’s best-loved princess movies. The movie is even more well-known now because of how great the music is. Angela Lansbury, who did voice work for the movie, sings the movie’s title song.

Angela stands in front of a big orchestra wearing a dark red velvet dress. Flowers in red, pink, and white are used to decorate the stage. The Tabernacle Choir is the group that sings with Angela.

She starts to talk and says that she was scared when she was asked to sing this song. Angela says, “I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness, can I ever do this beautiful lyric justice?'”

As Angela talks about how she came up with the voice of “Mrs. Potts,” the orchestra starts to play and the voices of the Tabernacle choir harmonize. She then starts to sing.

She starts out softly and sings by herself. As the music gets louder, she raises her hands and gets louder, too. During the second verse, she sings a line that is repeated by the choir. In the chorus of the song, everyone sings together, which is beautiful.

Angela holds out the final soft note and quotes Mrs. Potts, “Into the cupboard with you, Chip. It’s past your bedtime. “Good night, love,” she says with a smile and a wave. The cheers of the audience can be heard all over the theater as she smiles and thanks them.

Alan Menken and Howard Ashman’s music and lyrics helped make the 1991 movie a big hit. Angela Lansbury is the only person who could sing this song, even though she was at first hesitant to do so because of her age. Since then, it has become a classic that will never go out of style. The legendary Angela Lansbury recorded it in just one take.