In the 1991 romance movie, Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolte played a couple, and it was clear that they worked well together. The movie was up for seven Academy Awards and was a huge hit all over the world. Their fans wanted to know if they actually dated after the movie. Everyone hoped that they would see on screen how perfect they were for each other.

Now, Nick Nolte says what really happened in his relationship with Barbra Streisand.

In the early 1960s, the actor, who was up for an Academy Award, moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles. And in 1991, he and Barbra Streisand were both in the romantic movie “The Prince of Tides.”

Nick played “Tom Wingo,” a man from the South who moves to New York to help take care of his sister, who wants to kill herself. Then he meets “Susan,” the psychiatrist who treats his sister. Barbra played Susan. The two of them fell in love.

Nick and Barbra were also falling in love with each other, as it turned out.

Nick Nolte’s book “Rebel: My Life Outside the Lines,” which came out in 2018, is said to include some personal details about his relationship with Barbra Streisand. He says that their relationship on screen did go on in real life.

Nick writes in his memoir, “I was strongly attracted to her, just as she was to me. So much so that I knew we needed to talk early on about why we shouldn’t fall into a romantic or sexual relationship while we worked together.”

Nick says that he met Barbra in 1989 when she invited him to her house to try out for the part of Tom Wingo. Since Barbra was also in charge of directing the movie, she wanted to see Nick before filming began, which wasn’t strange. Before filming started, the actor went to see Barbra at her apartment in Manhattan.

He says that they talked about their characters in the movie and had deep conversations.

Nick also says that it was hard for him and Barbra to just be friends behind the scenes. He said that Barbra had him shoot many scenes without clothes on and that they lived “in the fantasy of a relationship.”

Back then, he said he knew their relationship wasn’t perfect, but he couldn’t help but like the way they get along when the cameras aren’t rolling. He told her that it would be risky for the movie “to have to carry both a relationship and a story at the same time.”

He also writes, “We can live in the dream of a relationship, and that will last, but a real physical relationship might not make it through the movie.”

Nick says that Barbra even called him on the phone after they finished filming the movie and asked him to move in with her. At the time, though, he said he was busy raising his son Brawley, so he turned down the offer from the music legends.

Nick thinks that Barbra called because she was watching the movie and had fallen in love with his character “Tom.” He thinks that she made him feel the same way, which is why they had chemistry even when they weren’t on camera.