We often don’t know how lucky we are. Even something as simple as a warm bed to sleep in every night is the whole dream of someone else.

This 8-year-old couldn’t be happier to have his own bed, and we should always remember how thankful he is for such a small thing.

Daeyr Neely, who is only 8, has been through a lot of hard times in his short life. The reaction of the little boy from Detroit when he found out he had his own bed recently went viral.

When Daeyr was only two years old, his mother lost her job and the family’s home. After that, the little boy only knew fear and not having a place to live. The family had a hard time, and they finally moved into a shelter with the hope that the government would help them get a home.

The family had a hard time getting used to living in the shelter, especially little Daeyr. “Once we moved to the shelter, he started having a few problems at school. But I told him we had to do that so we could get our own house,” his mother says.

It seemed like the family’s luck was finally turning after years of hard times. They got a house of their own at last. Even though they had a house, they still had to do without a lot of important things. One of these necessities was a bed for Daeyr. For the first few months after they moved into the house, the boy slept on a pile of blankets.

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After hearing about the family, a non-profit group called Humble Home decided to help. They got furniture from people in the neighborhood and helped set up the house, making it finally feel like a home.

In the video, Daeyr finally gets to see how the team has changed his room. When he looks at his bed, it’s the first one he’s had in years. Even in the video, you can see how excited he is because his eyes get big and his jaw drops.

The little boy realizes that the bed is all his. When Daeyr realizes this, he is so upset that he covers his face with his hands. Then he turns around, hugs the person closest to him, and starts crying.

In the background, an adult can be heard saying that the little boy has had to do without so much that the thought of having his own bed is too much for him.

Daeyr has also gotten a lot of nice toys and other furniture for his room, in addition to the bed. His mom Dionna will be able to focus on nursing school and making a better life for herself and her son now that they have a better place to live.